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Community Update
Posted on Oct 5th, 2020

Hi Friends and Neighbors
Just a quick note to update you all on some landscape and maintenance projects you might see going on in the neighborhood. As a Board we are keen to keep our community looking nice and remaining safe regarding common area plant and debris cleaning. 
Corner Monument Signs
Removal of dead plants, tree branches, weeds as well as installation of new plants,  new mulch, and sealing of wood "fence" elements. 
Pocket Parks
General shrub and small tree trimming, dead tree removal, and limited weed abatement. Installation of new shrubs in "bare dirt" planter areas and a few new crepe myrtle trees at walkways. Also, new LED energy efficient lamps at walkway bollards to keep the parks better lit for safety, and reduce our electricity bills a bit. Review of the irrigation systems is ongoing and replacement of sprinklers or valves as needed is occurring.
Landscape Buffers (Adjacent to Undeveloped Land/Hills)
We are working with our landscape service to provide dead plants/weeds removal to reduce fire risk in a few critical areas. 
Little Library
We now have our very own "Little Library" to share books with each other. It is located at the Dunhill Court park near Dunhill Drive walkway. It's a great add to our community, please check it out and drop off any books you wish to share!
Tree Trimming
The trimming will be completed through out the community. Trees that were noted as a safety hazard were removed.
Clubhouse and Pool Repairs
We are in the process of obtaining bids to repair the dr rot on the exterior of the Clubhouse and hopefully be able to paint it. Also, on schedule is to complete the deck repairs so that it is ready for next season.
As always, if you see areas that need attention, please send an email to our Property Manager Rosie Rivera at rrivera@hoaservices.net.
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